Technology to Reduce N Leaching: PAANZ Workshop Presentations

Technology to Reduce N Leaching: PAANZ Workshop Presentations

18 April 2016

PAANZ recently hosted a workshop in Ashburton which was aimed at dairy and arable farmers struggling with ways to mitigate N leaching and improve efficiency and profitability, particularly in Canterbury.

The programme included speakers: Andy Macfarlane, Profs Keith Cameron & Hong Di, Dr Carolyn Hedley, Prof Ian Yule, Dr Tony Davoren, Dr Ants Roberts, Dr David Chapman, Dr Paul Johnstone, Craige Mackenzie (PAANZ Chair) and Mike Manning (PAANZ committee member). Details on the programme are below.

For copies of the presentations from the day, click on the name of the presenter below.

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• Andy Macfarlane: 
- Where are we and what can we do with Canterbury
nitrate leaching limits.

• Profs Keith Cameron and Hong Di: 
- What soils and what farming activities in are leaching hot spots and why.
- What can be done now about the Nitrate leaching hot spots
- The benefits of understanding your soils to reduce leaching

• Dr Carolyn Hedley with Prof Ian Yule
- The ability of EM and Variable rate irrigation to reduce N leaching
- Case study on risks, costs, benefits and providers as to what can be achieved in reducing nitrate leaching.

• Dr Tony Davoren
- The ability of soil moisture sensors, Irrigation scheduling and water metering to reduce N leaching
- Case study on costs benefits risks and providers.

• Dr Ants Roberts
- Nitrogen Fertilisers
- Applying the right amount at the right time and what happens to N leaching when we get it wrong.

• Dr David Chapman
- Farm Systems
- What dairy farm systems can one adopt to materially reduce the nitrate leaching whilst maintaining or improving profitability.

• Prof Ian Yule
- Emerging PA Technologies in 1 to 3 years to reduce Nitrogen Leaching
- Emerging PA Technologies in 3 to 8 years to reduce Nitrogen Leaching

• Dr Paul Johnstone
- Flux meters in arable systems

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