New Zealand: World leading agri-tech researcher is appointed top global role

New Zealand: World leading agri-tech researcher is appointed top global role

25 September 2016

We have been delighted to hear that one our PAANZ committee members, Professor Ian Yule, has been appointed to a top global role in the field of agri-tech.

Massey University’s Professor Ian Yule, one of the world’s leading agri-tech researchers, has been voted president of the International Society of Precision Agriculture for 2018-2020.

Professor Yule, a Precision Agriculture Association of New Zealand (PAANZ) committee member, will be a key speaker at the seventh Asian-Australasian conference on precision agriculture in Hamilton later next year. It will be the first time the conference has been held outside Asia. 

Much of his research is centred around sensors and imaging to help expand New Zealand’s export agriculture and food production. He is looking to develop pasture measurement tools, aerial topdressing, irrigation, precision dairying, horticulture, viticulture and cropping.He has a PhD in agricultural engineering and has a passion for remote and hyperspectral sensing, as well as finding practical, usable solutions to problems within the agriculture space.  

His agriculture technology studies include a $10 million portfolio of research activity. His global-first research is at the forefront of developing practical applications for remote sensing and imaging that has worked towards New Zealand’s largest jointly funded remote sensing project. The research is expected to result in $120 million a year in export earnings by 2030 and net economic benefits of $734 million between 2020 and 2050.

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