Monthly UAV Forum in Christchurch

Monthly UAV Forum in Christchurch

14 April 2015

Anyone with a research or commercial interest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology should consider attending the monthly UAV Forum organised by the Spatial Engineering Research Centre (SERC;, an academic research centre hosted by the University of Canterbury's College of Engineering.

Kelvin Barnsdale is a Senior Research Engineer at SERC and chairs the monthly UAV Forum, which is held in their premises with a web link to external participants. “Our members recognise that the science of UAV technology is a rapidly growing area, with the potential to bring enormously positive benefits to a wide range of commercial industries,” he says.

SERC helped establish UAVNZ, an industry association supporting legislation development, law making and proactive research for UAVs in New Zealand. The UAV Forum has worked with Airways on the introduction of an information hub for the UAV community, in the form of new website

SERC plans to open up two UAV flight test areas in Canterbury. One has now been awarded by the CAA, and the second will come next year. “These zones, each approx. 100sq kilometres have been proposed to enhance aviation safety,” says Mr Barnsdale.  “They would allow us to test airframes, control systems and sensors without endangering other airspace users, and in that way we can ensure maximum safety levels in the development of these systems,” he says. SERC and the University of Canterbury’s College of Engineering are also looking to the future with the possible introduction of qualifications and accreditation for UAV designers, builders and users.

If you would like to learn more about the UAV Forum, please send you details to .