IrrigationNZ launches soil moisture monitoring resource

IrrigationNZ launches soil moisture monitoring resource

30 March 2016

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Launched this month at a Precision Agriculture Association of New Zealand (PAANZ) workshop in Ashburton, IrrigationNZ have released a Soil Moisture Monitoring Guide with funding support provided through AGMARDT.

PAANZ chairman Craige Mackenzie says “The launch of the new soil moisture monitoring resource that IrrigationNZ has produced is a great addition to our workshop which is focused on the use of technology to reduce nitrate leaching. It is very important for PAANZ to work with organisations such as IrrigationNZ to deliver solutions for the farmers which reduce environmental impacts. Soil moisture probes are a very efficient way of measuring soil moisture levels and crop water use.”

IrrigationNZ Project Manager Steve Breneger says that many farmers don’t know where to begin when investigating soil moisture monitoring and were intimidated by the range of options.

The resource book covers how to select the right product, installation and calibration issues, capturing and interpreting data and outlines good practice for soil moisture monitoring. Other issues canvassed include how soil types and irrigation systems affect sensor choice, an explanation of accuracy and precision and what can be achieved by the different sensors, and solutions to common maintenance problems.

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