Publication - Precision Agriculture for Sustainability

Publication - Precision Agriculture for Sustainability

20 November 2018

PA book

A collection reviewing current research on key technologies in precision agriculture, new publication 'Precision Agriculture for Sustainability' is out now and talks about how by using resources more efficiently, Precision Agriculture can make farming more productive and sustainable. 

About the author: Formerly a scientist at the internationally-renowned Silsoe Research Institute, Dr John Stafford is well known as a leader in precision agriculture technologies. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Agricultural Engineers, Co-Editor of the journal Precision Agriculture and past President of the International Society.

"Congratulations to the authors for putting together a comprehensive collection of key themes in precision agriculture. When appropriately augmented with local material, specific to the country/production system of relevance, this text is a very valuable, foundational learning tool. First principles can only go so far. In a rapidly evolving sector, a survey of the latest developments in these key areas is a must for students, teachers and researchers alike."  
Dr. B.A. Stewart, Director Dryland Agriculture Institute and Distinguished Professor of Agriculture, West Texas A&M University, USA