• Tue. Sep 12th, 2023


Automation and innovation


AgriPrecision is your guide to the exciting world of automation and new technologies that are transforming New Zealand agriculture. We take you on an exciting journey through the innovations that are changing the landscape of the agricultural industry and making it more efficient, sustainable and productive.

What’s in store for us:

From autonomous technologies to robotic assistants. We will highlight the latest advances in autonomous tractors, machines and robots that have become trusted allies for agricultural producers in accomplishing the most challenging tasks.

Sensors, drones and smart plant management. Learn how modern sensors and drones are being used to monitor soil, plant and animal conditions, ensuring optimal conditions for growth and development.

Artificial Intelligence in Agrarian Data Processing. Explore how AI and big data analytics are helping farmers make informed decisions, optimize resources, and predict yields.

Innovation and Startup Ecosystem in New Zealand. Discover the world of startups and innovative companies working on technology solutions for agriculture. Learn about the latest trends and ideas changing the future of the industry.

Sustainability and environmental challenges. We are mindful of our commitment to sustainability. Discuss how technology is helping us reduce our environmental impact and create a more sustainable agriculture.

AgriPrecision is more than just a blog, it’s a platform where you’ll find interesting articles, cutting-edge research and practical advice from experts in precision agriculture. Join us to stay up to date with the latest news and developments that are shaping the future of agriculture in New Zealand and around the world.