PA17 - The International Tri-Conference for Precision Agriculture in 2017

PA17 - The International Tri-Conference for Precision Agriculture in 2017

16 October 2017 9:00am - 18 October 2017 6:00pm | Hamilton, New Zealand | Comments

The event is a forum for researchers and practitioners to meet, discuss, influence and learn from the most influential people in precision agriculture research and application. It includes the 7th Asian-Australasian Conference on Precision Agriculture (7ACPA), the 1st Asian-Australasian Conference on Precision Pasture and Livestock Farming (1ACPLF), and Digital Farmer & Grower 2017 (DF&G2017).

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7th Asian-Australasian Conference on Precision Agriculture (7ACPA)
The ACPA is one of three international Precision Agriculture conferences that are conducted biannually as part of a series – each held in different locations around the world.

At the ACPA, world-leading scientists will present and discuss the research and development of Precision Agriculture in the Asian-Australasian region and around the world. The Conference will include field trips to view practical examples of ongoing precision agriculture and horticulture in New Zealand.

New Zealand offers spectacular landscapes and extraordinary opportunities to see diverse and first class agricultural production systems which are highly profitable. In collaboration with the 7th ACPA, the Society of Precision Agriculture Australia (SPAA) will be joining us with a symposium on arable production using Precision Agriculture.

Presentations from our keynote presenters will include: A world view, diversity and advancement, automisation, hands-free robot fields, proximal and remote crop sensing.

1st Asian-Australasian Conference on Precision Pasture and Livestock Farming (1ACPLF)
The Precision Agriculture Association of New Zealand is pleased to announce the 1st Asian-Australasian Conference on Precision Pasture and Livestock Farming, to be held in conjunction with the 7ACPA.

Precision Pasture and Livestock Farming (ACPLF) represents knowledge and tools for managing pastures and animals. Farmers can measure pasture growth or monitor animal welfare, health and productivity with digital tools from ACPLF. Such tools can also assess the environmental impact from livestock. New Zealand and Australian agritech research and commercial organisations have a strong history of innovation in this space and farmers are proven adopters and leaders in the related farming systems.

The 1ACPLF will succeed the Australian New Zealand symposium series on Spacially Enabled Livestock Management and introduce additional topics.

Presentations from our keynote speakers will include: What can we learn from use of developing countries, precision medicine, what can it offer, benefits, limitations and expectation to animal based farm information management systems.

Digital Farmer & Grower 2017 (DF2017)
Digital Farmer and Grower (DF&G2017) is a conference, dedicated to farmers, growers, their consultants and counterparts in service and support organisations of the primary sector. DF&G2017 will cover a range of needs of farmers and growers to be informed of the latest developments and application of precision agriculture. This conference offers unique ways to grow the network of people interested in practical adaptation of precision agriculture technologies in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and beyond.

The main focus of DF&G2017 is to demonstrate how to adapt precision agriculture technologies for use in production systems. This will also address how practitioners can meet growing demands of consumers by the use of precision technologies and ensure future sustainability.

Three sessions over two days are covering the precision agriculture adaptation and use for ‘Permanent Crops’, ‘Arable Crops’ and ‘Pastures and Livestock’. A fourth session addresses the ways precision agriculture already helps farmers and growers to produce ‘within limits’.

Farmers and growers present their experience, panel discussions allow for drilling deep into critical points and informal meetings offer chances to interact with the speakers and the panel members.

For information and to register, please visit our event website.

Based in Hamilton, the conference welcomes attendees into a city which is the gateway to the central North Island of New Zealand. Located in the heart of the Waikato just two hours drive south of Auckland International Airport, it is the largest inland city with the Waikato River flowing through its centre. Hamilton offers a choice of places to relax, enjoy and do business with a great mix of vibrant fine dining, leisure, lifestyle and activity choices for the whole family.  With mountains, lakes, beaches, rivers, and many major tourist destinations within a few hours drive, Hamilton is the perfect hub for visiting guests.

The Waikato is world renowned for its dairy and beef industry and luscious green pastures with a mild climate and moderate year round rainfall.  It is home to one of the largest agricultural events in the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand National Agricultural Fieldays. 

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