LandWISE 2018: Technologies for Timely Actions

LandWISE 2018: Technologies for Timely Actions

23 May 2018 8:00am - 24 May 2018 4:00pm | Havelock North Function Centre, Hawkes Bay | Comments

LandWISE host their sixteenth annual AgTech Conference inviting lead farmers and growers, researchers and tech developers to see how agtech is and can be applied on farm.

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Covered over the two days:

-How can managers and other decision makers get the information they need, process it, and decide what to do?

-What is the information they need?

-What tools help them make sense of it?

-What’s available (or coming) to make it as easy and reliable as possible to do the right thing, in the right place at the right time?

It’s not just computer stuff: a new quick Nitrate test promises rapid determination of available N while standing in the paddock – considerable help when deciding “do I put more now or can I hold off?” Combine that with smart crop zoning (that does involve computing) and maybe we can lift quality and reduce impacts.

2018 also sees the final year of our SFF Onions NZ project drawing to a close and there will be a focus on that. We think there are lessons that can apply to other crops too.

LandWISE has been awarded three significant new projects. We’ll be launching them at the LandWISE Conference on the 23 – 24th May 2018 in Havelock North.

The LandWISE Conference is recognised as a key learning and networking opportunity each year. Come and hear from and debate with overseas and local presenters, engage in practical demonstrations at the MicroFarm, and swap ideas and experiences with agtech leaders.