Kenneth Irons

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Position: Industry

Kenneth Irons is CEO and a shareholder of Precision Farming Ltd and Precision Tracking (NZ) Ltd, two Christchurch based, national ag tech businesses.  

Precision Farming provides live, auto-populated, GIS farm management information systems to farmers, focused on land, pasture, crops, and farm infrastructure, to achieve better productivity, profitability, reportability and sustainability.  

Precision Tracking provides agricultural contractors, groundspreaders and spraying contractors with GPS guidance systems, order and fleet management tools, Road User Charge services and Proof of Application devices, to better enable contractors to electronically and bilaterally link with and serve their farmer customers.

Together these two firms provide the ag sector with GIS tools on which to implement best practice, sensor originated, live, auto populated, accurate decision support and order execution - which all play their part in precision agriculture.

Kenneth’s CEO role is energised by enabling all farmers, not just early adopters, to capture the merits of precision agriculture, particularly in cropping, dairy and sheep & beef farms.  His background in five countries in the medical, financial and commercial sectors that rely on highly accurate data for patient diagnostics, funds management and business information respectively, guides his thinking on now enabling the ag sector to achieve similarly improved financial, operational, compliance and sustainability outcomes.

As a committee member of PAANZ, Kenneth would want to bring his international multi-disciplinary perspective;
- to help grow PAANZ membership;
- to support PAANZ being better recognised by government, industry and farmers as a powerful voice and capable deliverer of industry initiatives; and
- to work on specific projects

Just the first of these projects would be further aligning the excellent work NZ has already done in data standards and interoperability with global standards represented by Ag Gateway.  

A second would be helping a wider range of NZ’s medium-sized ag tech companies who already have customers, leadership, IP, resources, capital, staff, distribution, developers and support centres, to achieve a more integrated and valuable role in NZ’s precision ag sector, especially in driving exports, in between large corporates who have a lot of market power, and start-ups who get a lot of government nurturing.